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Touch Screen POS System

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Touch Screen Systems

THINK offers you the greatest variety of touch screens on the market; using both Android and Windows operating systems.

Reactive and sensitive, designed for business use and not affected by dust, moisture, finger prints or grime – offering excellent viewing quality.

Built with commercial grade panels and designed to last for years.

Suitable for all indoor & outdoor environments – Retail, Office, Gym, Airports, Train Stations, Schools, Hospitality, Education & Tourism.

All our outdoor solutions are fully IP rated and the screens themselves are made from a hardened vandal resistant glass – Perfect for on street advertising as well as drive thru’ ordering systems.

If you have something to say or want to gather the opinions and user data of your valued customers, then Touch Screens from THINK are what you need.

The perfect Point of Purchase enhancement showing special offers and latest additions.

Think of a touch screen as another member of staff, helping and guiding your customers, allowing them browse through product catalogues & access your web pages before making a decision. Available in a range of shapes and sizes.

Contact THINK for more information on how interactive touch screens can work for you.

Each screen is also available with a built-in cloud managed signage platform giving you the ability to update your screen content from anywhere. Simply login to your secure portal, upload your content and within seconds all your screens across all or individual locations will display the updated content.

At THINK we recognise the importance of data collection and how the value and use of that data is a major consideration within our clients’ businesses. Therefore touchscreens from THINK all have the capability to generate data analytic reports on daily, weekly or monthly basis.

From this data you can see just how effective your advertised message really is, who you are attracting with your advertising and for how long you have maintained that individual’s attention.

Focused advertising can be a key part of your business and utilising data analytics from your screens, can provide you with the information needed to spearhead your message; targeting specific age, gender, income level and other demographical markers.