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Audio Visual Solutions

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Where image is everything and the need to shine brightly is key.

From lobby to conference room, store window to point of purchase, meeting rooms, lounges, restaurants, coffee shops and motor malls – We all need to Dress for Success.

With innovative and ever improving designs, our outstanding digital and audio visual range of products and services will hugely increase both customer and employee engagement.

Boardroom Solutions

Even though modern office design has gravitated towards less formal, relaxed space; the free standing boardroom is still an essential component of any office based workplace.

Boardrooms provide an exclusive room for general meetings and a secluded space for privacy and formal gatherings.

Boardroom Installations
As a key facility within your office, your boardroom should be capable of encouraging collaborative sessions and help your team develop fresh and creative ideas.
Therefore this room needs to be designed to the highest standards involving the best use of space and technology.
By integrating the latest technological advancements, your business meetings can become more engaging, immersive and collaborative than ever.
Presentation & Collaboration Systems that can integrate easily with Microsoft Teams, Zoom and all major conferencing platforms to enable high level meeting involvement and instant file sharing.
Video displays with stunning ultra-HD including the groundbreaking Samsung 110” micro LED display. A single TV, sized to rival even projector screen dimensions.
Intuitive room booking systems to manage not just availability of space but also automatic check-in, catering requirements or even add maps to guide guests to the room.
Smart switchable privacy glass that at the touch of a button turns clear glass opaque.

Video Conferening Solutions

At THINK we offer more than any laptop with a webcam can provide.

Working with your preferred VC platform we create perfectly integrated Zoom, GoTo Meeting, G Suite & Teams Rooms.

Remote Work Video Conferencing Solutions

Our Huddle Space, Boardroom and Meeting Room solutions involve the use of both standard and interactive displays; cameras with intelligent tracking capabilities and Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) functionality; microphones with built in soundbars and tabletop and ceiling mounted mics. Perfectly integrated cable management and where possible wireless connectivity are used to ensure that your space remains a visually pleasing and clean work environment.

We partner with the industry leaders in video conferencing solutions including Poly, Sonos, Barco, Sony, LG, Microsoft and Zoom to bring you the best possible solution.

With our video conferencing solutions joining meetings becomes seamless, thanks to integrations with Outlook, Office 365, Google and others.

Video Conferencing Solutions

With our video conferencing solutions joining meetings becomes seamless, thanks to integrations with

Outlook, Office 365, Google and others.

Staff and clients alike feel like they are in the room with you, thanks to high-quality video cameras and sophisticated speaker systems.

Staff can become more productive and work efficiently using app integrations, screen and content sharing and record and transcribe features.

Participant collaboration is made easy with tools granting instant access to data, participants’ details through facial recognition & room occupancy levels.

See and speak to every participant in the room, thanks to customisable video layouts and facial recognition.

Talk to us about any of our solutions.

Secure, Reliable, Productive, Flexible, Easy to use

Video Conferencing Solutions by THINK

Meeting Room Solutions

Now more than ever full bodied video conferencing solutions are essential tools for every business.

Video enabled communication is not only consistently proving to be a viable alternative to face-to-face conversations and meetings but also capable of delivering even more in terms of collaborative uplift and economic scale.

Meeting Room Solutions
Wireless Video Conferencing equipment

Think engage closely with a variety of hardware partners so that we can bring to you, exciting innovations from cutting edge tech progressors like Poly, Logitech and Barco.

We can advise, prescribe and integrate a fully functional Video Conferencing solution suitable for any size space from compact huddle or small meeting rooms to medium / large boardroom set ups.

Room Booking Systems

Our Evoko range takes the hard work out of room booking, allowing you to easily achieve total workspace coordination. Evoko room booking systems are simple to use and look great in any office.

The intuitive Green – Amber – Red lighting system guides you to the right room every time; while a proximity sensor will display relevant room information as you approach.

Room Booking Systems

And if Hot Desking is your thing, our range also includes app based workstation and desk booking – A great feature, as we all know how finding a free desk can be a major time thief, especially for open-plan offices.

Our systems can also be used to physically locate people in the building with data collected giving valuable insight into how the workspace is utilised, allowing changes to be made for better efficiency.

Go one step further with Evoko and manage your building’s people flow with facial recognition on entry; letting meeting organisers know when guests arrive – making sure that you are always ready to give a warm welcome.

Large Screen Installations

Without limitations to size, brightness and vibrancy, large format screen displays make for a stunning communication tool.

The stresses and strains experienced by the retail sector including competition from online shopping have resulted in a demand being placed on both high street and shopping mall environments to engage their audience more through increased brand presence and a more entrancing shopping experience.

Large Screen Installations

Large format centrepiece screens, be they modular LED or combined LCD video wall panels can create a futuristic, beguiling setting, capable of attracting greater footfall and in turn drive a higher spend through fresh and engaging content.

At THINK we build large screen displays to meet with your needs. We will work with you from the initial concept stage, advising and guiding you through the various options including resolution & size, right through to installation and seamless integration with your business premises.

Our comprehensive aftersales maintenance packages are specially designed to ensure you the peace of mind that your investment will continue to perform optimally over its full lifetime.

LED Screens

LED signage has become an increasingly popular tool for businesses of all sizes to deliver crisp and compelling messages to customers.

Advanced picture refinement technology ensures every image provides an immersive viewing experience, with comprehensive calibration tools to ensure all LED displays maintain uniform picture quality.

The ultimate in super large format visual impact – LED screen technology transcends the now outdated projector and rear projection systems of the past.

LED Screens

Interactive Screens

Define the future of the classroom using smart digital classroom technology. The need for real time collaboration in our learning spaces has never been greater than it is today. Using the right technology in the classroom delivers more engaging lessons and a more immersive learning experience.

The Clevertouch range from THINK is at the forefront of digital classroom technology. Enhanced stylus capabilities offer high precision touch. 4K resolution makes for dazzling clear video presentation. Free automatic firmware and software upgrades and a comprehensive five year warranties across the range mean that your investment is always kept up to date.

Interactive Screens

Each model is also compatible with a range of adaptable installations options from a simple wall mount, portable trolley or motorised height adjustable screen lift.

And because accidents can happen, especially in a busy educational setting, Clevertouch have housed their range of screens within a robust metal frame with integrated safety glass; meaning that using the screen doesn’t need to be a delicate experience.

Projector Installations

The art (and that is what it is) of projector specification and in turn installation is an area in which THINK truly excel.

More so in the projection arena than in any other aspect of audio visual solutions does the proper consideration of setting, space, audience and acoustics matter.

Projector Installations

Be it a boardroom, classroom, event space or cinema, our team of experienced technical staff will make the perfect projector, screen and audio package recommendations.

THINK have the expertise to deliver even the most complex of projector systems. We offer a comprehensive range of projectors from all the leading manufacturers including: Short throw projectors for education and meeting rooms; high lumen large space systems for events and auditoria; portable units for easy use and flexibility and home cinema models for nothing other than fun, entertainment and a little self indulgence.

THINK have installed hundreds of projectors, screens and audio systems across Ireland in every type of corporate and residential setting.

Barco Clickshare

Get started with the Clickshare cs-100 which comes with one Click Button; the cse-200 comes with two and depending on your requirements the range extends to the cse-800. Ideal for large meeting or boardrooms the cse-800 supports twin 4K HDMI outputs for dual displays as well as other features like annotation and whiteboarding if connected to suitable touchscreen displays.

Barco ClickShare

Continuingly leading the change in wireless connectivity, Barco have this year introduced to the Clickshare family the new CX range. This allows not only wireless connectivity to room displays but also wireless connection to room conferencing camera and audio devices, offering a true cable free experience.

Barco Clickshare

To operate simply connect the USB Click button to your device and open your conferencing platform be it Microsoft Teams, Zoom or any other.

Clickshare Conference will now wirelessly give you access to the room peripherals. With even more collaboration options now available, attendees can add comments to presentation slides or share their screen. In fact up to eight screens can be shared and displayed in a grid format on the room display without the need to keep disconnecting and reconnecting cables to different laptops or tablets.