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Boardroom AV Installations

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Boardrooms provide an exclusive room for general meetings and a secluded space for privacy and formal gatherings.

Even though modern office design has gravitated towards less formal, relaxed space; the free standing boardroom is still an essential component of any office based workplace.

As a key facility within your office, your boardroom should be capable of encouraging collaborative sessions and help your team develop fresh and creative ideas.

By integrating the latest Audio Visual technological advancements, your business meetings can become more engaging, immersive and collaborative than ever.

Boardroom AV Solutions

There should be no compromise when it comes to fitting out your boardroom; with the finished product attracting superlatives such as advanced, innovative, sophisticated and revolutionary.

Behind all this lies a need for a simple, yet reliable and robust solution.

THINK can make all of this become reality by designing not only the latest state of the art audio and visual packages; we can also introduce you to a world of innovation which you may not have yet imagined.

Boardroom Audio Conference Systems

Modern Audio Systems that deliver consistent sound levels across the listening area with mic arrays containing hundreds of microphones ensuring no one gets left out of the conversation.

Smart cameras with automatic framing and tracking.

Talk to us about any of our solutions.

Presentation & Collaboration Systems that can integrate easily with Microsoft Teams, Zoom and all major conferencing platforms to enable high level meeting involvement and instant file sharing.

Video displays with stunning ultra-HD including the groundbreaking Samsung 110” micro LED display. A single TV, sized to rival even projector screen dimensions.

Intuitive room booking systems to manage not just availability of space but also automatic check-in, catering requirements or even add maps to guide guests to the room.

Smart switchable privacy glass that at the touch of a button turns clear glass opaque.

Acoustic panels in any shape or style, designer or custom printed to compliment any decor.

Integrated electronic shading and lighting solutions all controlled by sleek touch panels.

Automatic architectural connectivity options including servo driven pop-up power, data and AV connections, retro fit to boardroom tables that remain hidden and only reveal themselves when needed.

The modern boardroom is a deserving receptacle for all this and more. It is where decisions are made and deals are done. It is a reflection of your organisation’s ethos, ability & ultimately success. It is so much more than just a room with a long table and too many chairs.