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Video Conferencing Solutions

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Video Conferencing Systems

Recently we have seen an explosion in on-line events like webinars, conferences, team building sessions, award ceremonies and even office parties.

Whilst we all still prefer an in-person gathering, often the benefits of a virtual one cannot be ignored. Reduced travel time, travel restrictions, attendance numbers & financial considerations all make for compelling topics in the debate over virtual versus in-the-flesh.

In the world we live in today the balance has been tipped in virtual’s favour. On-line face to face meetings are now the mainstay of any organisation’s staff and client engagement programme.

To be able to conduct our business with anyone, anywhere & at a time that suits us, considering our video conferencing capability is of paramount importance.

Your staff need the latest in video conferencing tools to enable them to collaborate in the very best way.

At THINK we offer more than any laptop with a webcam can provide.

Our Huddle Space, Boardroom and Meeting Room Audio Visual Solutions involve the use of both standard and interactive displays; cameras with intelligent tracking capabilities and Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) functionality; microphones with built in soundbars and tabletop and ceiling mounted mics. Perfectly integrated cable management and where possible wireless connectivity are used to ensure that your space remains a visually pleasing and clean work environment.

We partner with the industry leaders in video conferencing solutions including Poly, Sonos, Barco, Sony, LG, Microsoft and Zoom to bring you the best possible solution.

Talk to us about any of our solutions.

With our video conferencing solutions joining meetings becomes seamless, thanks to integrations with

Outlook, Office 365, Google and others.

Video Conferencing Installation

Staff and clients alike feel like they are in the room with you, thanks to high-quality video cameras and sophisticated speaker systems.

Staff can become more productive and work efficiently using app integrations, screen and content sharing and record and transcribe features.

Participant collaboration is made easy with tools granting instant access to data, participants’ details through facial recognition & room occupancy levels.

See and speak to every participant in the room, thanks to customisable video layouts and facial recognition.

Secure, Reliable, Productive, Flexible, Easy to use

Video Conferencing Solutions by THINK