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Cevertouch Interactive Screens For Schools

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Interactive Screens For Schools

Define the future of the classroom using smart digital classroom technology.

The need for real time collaboration in our learning spaces has never been greater than it is today. Using the right Audio Visual technology in the classroom delivers more engaging lessons and a more immersive learning experience.

The Clevertouch range from THINK is at the forefront of digital classroom technology. Enhanced stylus capabilities offer high precision touch. 4K resolution makes for dazzling clear video presentation. Free automatic firmware and software upgrades and a comprehensive five year warranties across the range mean that your investment is always kept up to date.

Classroom Touch Screens

Designed by teachers and developed by Clevertouch, these displays are far beyond an interactive touchscreen. They are truly intuitive & feature rich including free app-based solutions for teachers. At a touch you can switch between Android and Windows-based applications and software.

Touch back technology allows students and teachers collaborate on up to 50 devices meaning students can annotate & save what is being shown on the main screen from the comfort of their own tablet/laptop. Clevertouch can integrate easily with Microsoft Teams, Zoom and all major conferencing platforms to enable remote learning and instant file sharing.

Talk to us about any of our solutions.

Clever message from Clevertouch is a particularly useful tool for instantly broadcasting a message to every screen across campus. The ability to get your message across visually can be invaluable in case of emergencies or changes to students’ schedule.

Principals or faculty members can also broadcast video messages into every room through the screens which now more than ever is a feature being utilised to cut down on large assembly gatherings.

Each model is also compatible with a range of adaptable installations options from a simple wall mount, portable trolley or motorised height adjustable screen lift.

And because accidents can happen, especially in a busy educational setting, Clevertouch have housed their range of screens within a robust metal frame with integrated safety glass; meaning that using the screen doesn’t need to be a delicate experience.