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Commercial ADVERTISING LED Screens

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LED Signage

LED signage has become an increasingly popular tool for businesses of all sizes to deliver crisp and compelling messages to customers.

Advanced picture refinement technology ensures every image provides an immersive viewing experience, with comprehensive calibration tools to ensure all LED displays maintain uniform picture quality.

The ultimate in super large format visual impact – LED screen technology transcends the now outdated projector and rear projection systems of the past.

THINK now play a starring role in delivering only the most advanced large format digital display and signage systems.

Whether you are looking for the Cinema of the Future or simply the very best in an event or public space visual experience, LED screen technology offers your audience an experience like no other through the most advanced graphics and refined production techniques.

Large format LED screens are modular built with no size limitations. High definition and brilliant bright image quality – LED screens are spectacular both day and night with auto-adjust brightness available.

Outdoor and indoor suitable with a variety of screen resolutions from 0.95mm pixel pitch to suit close up audiences up to 10mm for far away viewing.

Suitable for Car Showrooms, Shopping Centres, Fashion Outlets, Department Stores, Transport Hubs, Sports Stadia, Corporate Reception Areas, Bars and Clubs.

Talk to us about any of our solutions.

Transparent LED Screens

Can be integrated in glass facades and positioned in places otherwise unimaginable using traditional LED panels. Transparent LED displays are an innovative way to provide digital content in a window display without blocking the visibility inside the retail store.

Displays are accessible in a variety of module sizes that can be assembled together to create almost any shape and size required.

Curved LED Display Screens

We use curved or flexible LED digital screens to create a curved bend that will accommodate corners, wrap around columns and architectural forms. Flexible LED display screens have a different viewing and feeling in comparison to a conventional LED display.

Curved displays, decorative installations, vending and gaming applications, 3D effects, wrap around pod effect meeting spaces and more are all possible with awesome effect.

THINK specialises in all aspects of Digital Signage. From supply to installation, management, and support, we can help with every digital LED screen application. Our LED screens are manufactured with various brightness and pixel pitch options that you can choose from, depending on the minimal viewing distance.

THINK will help you to make an informed decision for a successful pixel pitch selection. We can custom design any support structures that may be required to mount your LED screens safely and in accordance with the application.