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Bring the beauty and rhythms of nature indoors with our Natural Surface Walls. Walls and surfaces are enhanced with our stunning range of natural wall coverings that bring the countryside into your workplace or home.

Unlike ordinary wall finishes, our Natural Wall range appeals to all your senses; sight, touch, and even the scent of nature are brought to life in a unique and visually stunning way.

Sustainably produced and as individual as you are, our Natural Wall Surfaces are ideal for use in a massive range of environments, including:

  • Feature Walls
  • Reception Areas
  • Function and dining rooms
  • Elevator cabins
  • Washrooms
  • Rest areas
  • Waiting rooms

With THINK’s natural surfaces, plain walls become talking points that attract customer interaction and bolster staff productivity by providing a working environment that is unique, natural, beautiful, and brings the soothing effects of nature indoors.

Enjoy the Experience of Nature

At THINK, we thrive on innovation and sometimes, to innovate, you have to learn old tricks. Nothing innovates quite like nature, so we took a leaf out of the book of the master innovator and produced a range of wall finishes that don’t just emulate nature – They are nature.

People are more comfortable in a natural environment. Our range of wall coverings bring the entire sensory experience of nature indoors:

The Visual Experience

The texture and colour of the natural ingredients are all preserved thanks to our gentle production process. The delicacy of the process means that nature lovers will be able to recognise the natural elements that make up our coverings.

Flowers, leaves, stems, and husks all combine in a visually stunning tapestry that adds depth, texture, warmth and spectacular beauty to any environment.


With a tactile finish that is guaranteed to arouse curiosity, our natural wall finishes are irresistible to the touch. The production process is so gentle that running your hand gently over the surface allows you to feel the natural elements that make up the wall covering.


The production process is so gentle that it even preserves the natural scent of the flowers, leaves, and buds. There are no artificial colours or aromas added, which means as well as enhancing the appearance of your walls, our natural finishes also improve the atmosphere in a workplace or room.


You won’t hear birds tweeting or leaves rustling in the breeze, but you can enjoy more of the peace that nature offers with the natural sound absorbency the finishes provide.

How it works

Our patented Organoid® production process uses natural materials that are mixed with an environmentally friendly binding agent. The finished product is practically emission-free and comes in two easy to apply formats:

Natural Flax Backing

– When attached to this naturally breathable material, the covering can be applied just like wallpaper.

Self-Adhesive Film

– Easy to apply and great for applying straight to raw surfaces like plasterboard and concrete.

All our finishes are allergy tested and manufactured in a CO2 neutral process in Austria. They are supplied in their natural finish but can be sealed with conventional oils and varnishes if required.

The Natural Way

Ecologically friendly and with a finish that is 100% natural ingredients, there is no better way to bring beauty and uniqueness into your workplace. And at the same time, send out a clear message to customers and staff that nature and the environment matter to you.

To find out more about how our natural wall finishes can engage the multiple senses of your customers and staff, contact us today.