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Projector Installation services

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Projector Installations

The art (and that is what it is) of projector specification and in turn installation is an area in which THINK truly excel.

More so in the projection arena than in any other aspect of audio visual solutions does the proper consideration of setting, space, audience and acoustics matter.

Be it a boardroom, classroom, event space or cinema, our team of experienced technical staff will make the perfect projector, screen and audio package recommendations.

Projector Screen Installation

Our professional crews will manage cabling, mounting and the seamless integration of all components, resulting in a projection system that will provide you with the very best in visual communication tools or cinematic experience.

Projectors and screens can be fully concealed offering a sleek and minimalised look. Screens can be integrated behind panelling or curtains, fully automated and remotely controlled.

Our range includes Laser Projectors which offer super high definition and high bright display with no need to replace lamps and no warm up or cool down times.

In making the right choice there’s lots to consider. Room size, shape and capacity, ambient light, ceiling height, acoustic character and your own unique needs are all factors to consider.

Through touch enabled functionality interactive projectors allow the user to become closely involved with the projected image. Manipulation, annotation and interaction are all possible, offering the user a truly immersive experience.

Talk to us about any of our solutions.

Top Of  The Line Projectors

THINK have the expertise to deliver even the most complex of projector systems. We offer a comprehensive range of projectors from all the leading manufacturers including: Short throw projectors for education and meeting rooms; high lumen large space systems for events and auditoria; portable units for easy use and flexibility and home cinema models for nothing other than fun, entertainment and a little self indulgence.

THINK have installed hundreds of projectors, screens and audio systems across Ireland in every type of corporate and residential setting.