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Room Booking Systems By Evoko

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Room Booking Systems

Our Evoko range takes the hard work out of room booking, allowing you to easily achieve total workspace coordination. Evoko room booking systems are simple to use and look great in any office.

The intuitive Green – Amber – Red lighting system guides you to the right room every time; while a proximity sensor will display relevant room information as you approach.

Let Evoko book the rooms so you can focus on your meetings. Our digital room booking systems prevent double bookings, eliminating accidental meeting interruptions with unused rooms being released back in to the system.

Talk to us about any of our solutions.

Meeting Room Booking Solutions

Broken or missing meeting room equipment can be reported directly on the system’s screen with icons clearly detailing what equipment is available in each room.

Embedded analytics tools offer helpful insight into room booking frequency helping you to improve your meeting culture. If more sophisticated performance is required choose from a range of upgrade options such as automatic check-in when entering a meeting room, catering requirements or even add maps to guide you to the room. Or download a mobile app to quickly locate and reserve meeting rooms on the go.

Hot Desk Booking

And if Hot Desking is your thing, our range also includes app based workstation and desk booking – A great feature, as we all know how finding a free desk can be a major time thief, especially for open-plan offices.

Our systems can also be used to physically locate people in the building with data collected giving valuable insight into how the workspace is utilised, allowing changes to be made for better efficiency.

Go one step further with Evoko and manage your building’s people flow with facial recognition on entry; letting meeting organisers know when guests arrive – making sure that you are always ready to give a warm welcome.