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Digital Signage is exactly what the name suggests. Displays, signs and floor standing & hanging screens that carry your message in an exciting and customer immersive way.

Digital ads, videos, price specials, wayfinding and other customer notifications displayed in an eye catching and informative way can make a real difference to both you and your customers.

Research points to customers being 68% more likely to buy a digitally advertised product or add on service & 44% being influenced to buy a product instead of one they had already planned to purchase.

As a result retailers are turning to digital signage in its many forms. Touch Screens for projects that require interactivity we offer a range of PCPA Touch Screens with sleek tablet styling and edge to edge glass. Available in wall mounted and kiosk versions they come with Windows and Android built in.

Android Advertising Displays

Wall Mounted with a tempered glass face, rounded corners, super slim profile and aluminium surround, these attractive tablet styled displays have a captivating aesthetic. Wall mountable with a super slim bracket in either landscape or portrait orientation.

Plug & Play from a USB stick or networkable for remote access and content management. Supplied with free scheduling software for displaying different content at different times of the day. Sophisticated and technologically brilliant but simple to use

Available in 19” / 22” / 32” / 43” / 50” / 55”

Freestanding Digital Displays

These displays have a sleek giant tablet styling. They come with integrated castors and feet for easy movement when required. Designed for 24/7 use with a commercial grade LCD panel they have the ability to work non stop for over 70,000 hours. That’s an incredible 8 years! Other great features include Plug & Play operation; Integrated Android Media Player and Speakers & Low Power Consumption.

Available in sizes 50” & 55”

4K Large Format Digital Signage Displays

With four times the resolution of Full HD you get amazing picture quality for a mesmerizing viewing experience. Available in huge 65” / 70” / 86” with an integrated Andriod media player.

Plug and play content upload ready. Simply load images and videos onto a USB stick, insert into the display and your content copies over automatically playing in a continuous loop. Designed for continuous 24/7 use with a life span of over 70,000 hours! Other features include Low Power Consumption; Temperature Control, Black Aluminium Precision Frame; Power Timer and Network Upgradeable.

Stretched Digital Displays

Display digital content in a unique stretched format. Ideal for a range of narrow locations like retail shop bay headers, overhead hanging directional signage and retail shelf edges (SEL Strips). They can even be mounted vertically making the most of pillar and column space.
Stretched displays may have a very different appearance to conventional digital displays but still have all the great features of their more conventional counterparts. They include 24/7 Commercial grade LCD panels, Plug & Play and Networkable content upload and integrated Android media players as standard. Ultra Wide Stretched Displays are available in 28” & 37”. Shelf Edge Displays (SEL Strips) are available in 21”.

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