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Cork Walls

Bring nature into your space with our stunning range of ecologically friendly wall solutions.
Here at THINK, we have utilised cork in a unique and beautiful way to bring a range of superlative wall coverings that can transform any room into a stylish and warm environment.

Cork is a fantastic natural and sustainable product. It is lightweight, easy to install and has fantastic natural heat and acoustic insulation properties. Once derided as yesterday’s fashion, the natural properties and environmentally friendliness of the material have ensured it has never gone away.

At THINK, we have reimagined the cork wall for the 21st Century. Our Cork Wall 2D tiles and 3D fixtures bring a warm earthiness into any environment with a series of stunning finishes and designs.

Cork Walls are the perfect solution for a wide range of situations and can transform any space, including:

  • Dining rooms
  • Reception areas
  • Recreation rooms
  • Washrooms
  • Elevator interiors

Create a stunning wall with a guaranteed WOW Factor with our stylish cork elements

Our range of tiles and 3D finishes elevates the humble cork tile to the realms of practicality, natural beauty, and sheer panache. For a truly sustainable option that looks stunning, offers fantastic acoustic and heat insulation, and can be quickly and easily installed, our spectacular range of cork wall finishes is unbeatable.

Rusticork Range – Bark, Bluemoon, Slate

For a natural, bold, and rustic look, then our range of Rusticork tiles and panels delivers. Only cork sourced from the bark of a cork oak tree can produce the unique look of these tiles.

Combined with the stunning aesthetics, the easy installation and lightweight of these tiles has made this wall finish one of our most popular. It comes in three options:

Rusticork – Bark

For a truly stunning effect, the natural look and feel of the Rusticork Bark series is a fantastic option. The natural beauty of the oak is allowed to take centre stage, and it steals the show.

Rusticork – Bluemoon

As a striking wall feature or an equally striking feature wall, the Rusticork Bluemoon range will be the focal point in any environment. This atmospheric and 3D wall covering is stylish, eye-catching, and unique.

Rusticork – Slate

With a structured and layered design that still retains a sense of nature, the Rusticork Slate range has a visually stunning look that brings a warm feel to any space. Its unique, modern, and tactile look make it stand out in any environment.


Each design type is unique and is produced using different sizes of granulated and plain cork bound with a polyurethane cork binder. Our Rusticork range is sourced from sustainable sources and is biodegradable and recyclable.

  • CORKGUARD® – All tiles are finished with CorkGuard® protective coating
  • Simple Installation – Lightweight, safe to handle and simple to install
  • Sound Absorbency – Excellent acoustic properties deaden airborne noise
  • Thermal Insulation – Increases thermal comfort and reduces heating costs
  • Safety Built-in – Rusticork tiles use no softeners, PVC, or other hazardous chemicals and emit no toxic fumes should they burn

3D Forms – Pyramid Bluemoon, Pyramid Natural

Visually stunning, our range of 3DFORMS modular cork tiles create unique patterns that will enhance any space. The pyramid tiles are lightweight and easily installed on any vertical surface.

Ideal for use as a feature wall or as a decorative display, these can be used anywhere you want to make the interior a “WOW” talking point, including:

  • Hospitality
  • Office Walls
  • Receptions
  • Home

As well as looking beautiful, the 3DFORMS range enhances the acoustic and thermal properties of cork.

Pyramid Bluemoon

Finished in a Bluemoon colour scheme, these tiles make a stylish addition to any room and add texture and depth to any wall space. Made from 100% post-industrial recycled cork, these are a sustainable and environmentally friendly wall covering.

Pyramid Natural

Bring walls to life with the organic look of our natural 3DFORMS Pyramid tiles. These add depth and texture to any vertical surface and can transform bland spaces into warm and welcoming areas.


With enhanced acoustic and thermal properties and the addition of 3D textures, the pyramid range introduces a touch of élan and practicality to any area. Made from 100% recycled cork and containing no softeners, PVC, or other hazardous chemicals, these are a safe and sustainable way to bring your walls to life.

  • CORKGUARD® – This coating protects the integrity of the tile, available in clear or coloured
  • Dimensions – Available in two sizes – 150 x 150 x 30 mm or 300 x 300 x 30 mm
  • Enhanced Acoustic and Thermal Properties – Softens airborne noise and provide an added layer of insulation
  • Fire Resistance – Conforms to EN ISO 11925‐2, EN 13501‐1
  • Safe – Contains no substances harmful to health or the environment

Modular Bluemoon

Let your imagination run wild with the sheer versatility of our Modular Bluemoon range.

These solid agglomerated wall tiles improve the acoustic and thermal performance of any space, making for a more comfortable environment and reducing heating costs. Finished in our Bluemoon colour scheme, these are a unique and beautiful addition to any décor scheme.


  • Made from 100% recycled cork and finished with CORKGUARD®, these are easy to work with and can simply be glued to suitable surfaces.
  • Dimensions – 580 x 580 x 7 mm
  • Safe and Environmentally Friendly – Contain no chemicals or substances dangerous to health or the environment
  • 3D – Add depth and texture to any space with the 3D effect
  • Fire Resistance – Complies with EN 13501‐1 Fire class E
  • Water and Stain resistant – Finished with a water-based protective layer


Modern and chic, featuring striped texture, these 3D rectangular tiles let you get creative with your wall coverings. Stunning effects can be created just by changing the orientation of the tiles.

These are made from 100% post-industrial recycled cork and textured through a pressure moulding process. The tiles are then finished with a protective water-based coating to increase water and stain resistance.


The enhanced acoustic and thermal properties that these bring to any space cuts heating costs and increases environmental comfort.

  • Dimensions – 600 x 300 x 4 mm
  • Easy to use – These lightweight tiles can be easily glued to any suitable surface
  • Safe and Sustainable – Contain no harmful chemicals and are made using more than 90% cork
  • Reduced Energy Costs – Thermal insulation properties add another layer of insulation to your room
  • CORKGUARD® – For the ultimate protection, these tiles are finished with CORKGUARD®


The unique shape of these tiles means there is a limitless number of stunning effects that can be achieved. Create symmetrical patterns or orientate them all in one direction. The choice is yours, and the options are boundless. These panels are created using a pressure moulding process and are manufactured from cork sourced from renewable sources. The cork used is biodegradable and recyclable.

Release your creative side with the Corkwall Stripe and add the perfect finishing touch to any interior.


These tiles are available in 11 different finishes, this gives them the versatility to enhance any décor scheme.

  • Dimensions – 245 x 245 x 13 mm
  • Environmentally friendly – Made from renewable and recyclable cork
  • Lightweight – Each natural tile weighs 230g, coloured tiles weigh 250g
  • Versatile – Create countless combinations by switching the orientation of the tiles
  • Safe – Contain no harmful toxins


Let your imagination fly with our Corkwall Kite design. Available in natural and 10 coloured finishes, the stunning 3D effects that are created with our Kite tiles will become the focal point of any space.

Their shape allows them to be arranged in several ways, including – one direction, symmetrical patterns, or just be wild and create your own unique composition.


All tiles are produced using renewable cork that is fully recyclable and biodegradable.

  • Dimensions – Thickness 20 – 30 mm, 40 panels make up 1sq metre
  • Easy to install – Can be glued onto any suitable surface
  • Safe – Contains no toxins or chemicals that can cause harm to health or the environment
  • Sustainable – Fully recyclable, these tiles are made using cork from renewable sources
  • Acoustic and Thermal Properties – Reduce airborne noise and save on heating bills by taking advantage of cork’s natural insulation properties


Create stunning 3D wall finishes with our Corkwall Line range. These can be used in countless ways to create spectacular wall spaces with the extra dimension of depth.

Available in 11 different finishes, these panels can enhance any space with eye-catching visual effects that are only limited by your imagination.


These environmentally friendly panels are manufactured using cork from renewable sources and are biodegradable and recyclable.

  • Dimensions – Thickness 5 – 30 mm, 19 panels per 1sq metre
  • Versatile – Create stunning effects simply with the way the tiles arranged
  • Simple to install – Can be glued to any suitable surface
  • Safe – Contains no harmful toxins or substances that are hazardous to health or the environment
  • Insulation – Save on heating bills by adding a layer of natural insulation to your walls