Home Cinema Installation

Cinema Room Installation

THINK have the expertise and knowhow to design, build and finish an incredible cinema experience in your home. We work with architects for new and bespoke builds or directly with home owners who simply want to upgrade their TV and movie watching experience.

We supply large format 4K & 8K ultra HD LCD and Micro LED Displays & Projector Systems; all coupled with the latest Dolby Atmos surround sound to provide crisp clear beautiful audio. But this is only the start of what you can do.

Add in fingertip control on a dedicated touch panel to trigger a series of self pampering features. Set smart lighting to a soft glow – Lower blackout blinds – Lower projection screen – Launch your favourite movie streaming app and switch off from the outside world for a while.

THINK have designed and installed some of the finest Cinema rooms in Ireland and can provide a partial or end to end solution to suit your budget.

THINK work with the finest construction contractors and will project manage your Home Cinema project from beginning to end; meaning you don’t need to stress. That’s not to say you won’t be involved. Any addition or improvement to your home is a very personal affair and this is no more true than when considering a dedicated Home Cinema room.

THINK have you covered not only by being great with Audio and Visual technology but we will also advise you on all the other things that make a cinema so special – like reclining seats and proper sound management including plush acoustic carpet and acoustic fabric dressed walls.

And when all of that has been decided THINK can talk with you about speakers and amplifiers. The range of Home Cinema suitable speakers is vast, but it can simply boil down to two basic things. The qualities of sound and style. At THINK we love speakers and see them as a thing of beauty; enhancing the cinema room look and feel. But if you believe that speakers should be heard and not seen then we can mount them flush, in-wall or in-ceiling and using specialised acoustic fabric, hide them away from view so all you have is sound, rich and pure. But if your wall finish is a more contemporary plaster and paint affair we can even install speakers that can be plastered over and painted out of sight. Now that’s clever!

cinema room installations

Or if for you, like so many others, space is at a premium; there’s no reason why your existing living room or spare room space can’t be part modified and upgraded to still offer you a Wow Home Cinema experience.

In fact, about the only thing we can’t advise you on is your choice of popcorn – Microwave or old school? Now that’s just too personal!

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