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Acoustic Wall Panels

In the same way that we are fascinated with the art of creating great audio we are passionate about Acoustics – the proper management, absorption and reflection of the sound waves created.

Using acoustic panels essentially cleanses an area of unwanted sound litter that makes it impossible to hear an orator speak, enjoy live music or a meal in a restaurant, record audio as crisply as possible or listen comfortably to a presenter in your office or boardroom.

But what Type of Acoustic Product Do You Need?

If you wish to reduce general noise, clarify the spoken word and limit reverberation in walls within enclosed spaces, then sound-absorbing products offer a long-lasting and effective solution.

If you want to stop noise from entering or exiting a room or from moving from one space to another, soundproofing products are what you need. Acoustic panels provide the perfect sound absorption solution for supressing and dampening sound in restaurants, offices, theatres, churches, bars and many more spaces.

acoustic product

Sound absorbing wall panels reflect, absorb and dissipate sound waves and how many acoustic panels you have positioned within an enclosed space will influence the amount of sound reduction experienced in the room.

Some acoustic panels are designed to absorb echoes within a room, some excel at stopping sound from polluting other spaces and others called composite panels do both. Sound absorbing panels feel cushion-like to the touch and are capable of effectively softening room surfaces. These panels absorb echoes in larger areas such as auditoria, event halls and gyms, so that everyone can understand speakers and enjoy musical events without straining to hear.

Our range of acoustic panels include

Art Acoustic Panels

That allow room soundproofing without sacrificing style. They can even be branded and customised using our unique UV fabric printing technique.

acoustic panels

Fabric-Wrapped Panels

That come in a range of textile finishes, shapes and sizes offer myriad design possibilities.

acoustic panel

Perforated Wood Acoustic Panels

Are a popular choice for those who value sustainability. They reduce noise levels broadcast by speakers and musicians, and decrease sound reverberations within a building.

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