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Why choose Wonderwall Walls?

Our Wonderwall wood range is unique, practical, environmentally friendly, and encaptures the stunning natural beauty of wood. Boring spaces and featureless walls are transformed into stunning areas that enrich any space.

But the beauty that natural wood brings is only the beginning, choosing our Wonderwall wood panelling means:

It’s an Environmentally Friendly Choice

The throwaway economy is wreaking havoc with our resources, climate and polluting our land and oceans. At Think, we care deeply about the effect this wastefulness has on the planet.

That’s why we are so proud of our Wonderwall range. All our panels are made from aged wood that has already served a useful life or from 100% sustainably sourced wood.

And, of course, wood is 100% biodegradable.

It’s Versatile

Ceilings, reception desks, pillars, walls, alcoves, light, dark, formal, informal, wherever the place and whatever the character you are looking for, you will find the perfect choice in our Wonderwall collection.

At Think, we love individuality, and with our Wonderwall collection, the versatility on offer gives you the freedom to be as individual as you like.

It’s easy to install

Wood is a joy to work with and is also easy to work with. With a few common tools, any wall space can quickly be transformed into a work of art with our Wonderwall collection.

It’s crafted with love

Our passion and the passion of the craftspeople that lovingly create the panels shines through on every wall. We never cut corners and always go that extra mile to make sure you love your wall as much as we loved creating it.

Wall Panels for Every Occasion

Our collection has an option for all tastes and situations.

Whether you are looking to add a touch of class to a featureless wall, panel an entire ceiling, or just enliven a boring space, there is a panel to suit. We even have panels that are designed for the great outdoors!

Wood is a warm and welcoming material that adds natural beauty wherever it is placed. Reception desks and bars, recesses, fire surrounds, whatever the area, our collection has an option that will turn boring spaces into stunning focal points.

Wonderwall Options

At Think, we believe that every space can benefit from our Wonderwall range. That’s why we have created options to suit every scenario. The changing textures, colours, and grains that our collection includes means that there is a choice for all situations.

Variety is the spice of life, and our collection offers just that. Add a little spice to your walls by choosing from our stunning collection.

The Bog Oak Collection

Peat bogs act as a natural preservative that ages wood beautifully. Over periods of hundreds if not thousands of years, naturally fallen or felled trees sink deeper into the nutrient-rich and oxygen-starved mud of the peat bog.

This both preserves the wood and allows the acids and minerals present in the mud to give it a rich, dark, and atmospheric appearance. This is an exclusive look thousands of years in the making that cannot be replicated by any other means.

Individual, unique, and captivating, the dramatic black, grey, and brown hues of our Bog Oak collection capture the soul of nature.

Ledger Paneling

The Ledger panelling personifies what our Bog Oak range is. Dark and broody, this wall panel oozes character enhanced with a touch of playfulness.

But don’t be fooled into thinking dark and broody means sullen and gloomy. The variations in hue and the textures in the design bring this wall panel to life. Enhanced with an Art Deco feel, the monochromatic tones of this panel will enliven any situation.

Clue Wall Paneling

Clue wall panels are best described as elegant and luxurious.

This decadent panel is crafted with love. Sanded then polished to a super smooth finish, it boasts clean, sharp lines that provide a stunning contrast to the individuality of the wood.

The design is contemporary, playing with geometry to create sleek designs that will grace any surface. Chic and modern, with a dash of mid-20th-century elegance, the latest addition to our range epitomises the attention to detail and love that distinguishes the entire collection.

We have partnered with a Ukrainian family-run workshop to work with bog oak and walnut. The skill and love of their art that the Ukrainian craftspeople apply to each panel is apparent in the Clue range.

Sage Wood Wall Paneling

With age comes wisdom.

Our Sage range is sourced from the peat bogs of Eastern Europe, and the centuries-old wood is rich with character. Beautiful shades of dark natural browns, enhanced with layers of intense black, are prevalent in these panels.

The wood comes first. We scour the continent to source the finest “peat-bog aged oak” that Europe has to offer, we never settle for second best. The wood has to be of the highest quality before it is considered for our Sage range.

Then our craftspeople get to do what they love most. They apply the skills of a lifetime and whittle and chisel the panels to perfection. Of course, being individuals, this gives each panel a handcrafted uniqueness that underpins what our Wonderwall collection is all about.

Long and slender, this design dances with elegance, panache, and the individual mark of craftspeople that love their work.

The Walnut Collection

Flaming reds, purples, and browns are all highlighted by the dramatic black streaks in the grain of our walnut collection.

There is no accident with this colour scheme; we source our walnut wood from American walnut grown in Slovakia and Ukrainian walnut. The subtle differences in the two kinds of wood let us get adventurous with our Walnut collection.

The American walnut is vibrant, full of rich reds and hues, and the Ukrainian walnut is punctuated by dramatic black streaks laid down on a bed of subtle browns.

The result – A stunning collection of beautifully crafted wall panels, fit to grace any space.

Blades Wall Panels

Prepare yourself to be seduced by our Blades wall panel. Crafted from off-cuts of Ukrainian Walnut, this is an indulgent panel with the characteristic dark streaks permeating the gorgeous mellow brown hues of the wood.

The panels are unevenly inlaid triangles that give walls a sharp and strong look that is emphasised by the small shadows that give the wall a texture and depth. The result is a harmony of effects and material that brings walls to life.

Float Panels

A geometric infusion of straight grain lines, design, and dimensions give this panel a light, playful tone that produces stunning effects.

Once again, the deep brown tones and almost black streaks of Ukrainian walnut is at the heart of this design.

This blend of geometric design paired with the natural beauty of the walnut makes a wall the focal point of any room.

Leaf Wall Panels

The style and care that we put into all our wall panels are epitomised by our Leaf panels. The rhythmic feel of the panel is thanks to the classic Argyle pattern, and this is highlighted by the crafted addition of a thin border of bog oak.

Luxurious and stylish, the leaf panel is made from Ukrainian walnut and has the characteristic brown hues and dark streaks inherent in the wood.

This is a subtle and low-profile panel that still retains a touch of understated decadence.

Crest Wall Panels

Our Crest panels use American walnut to its fullest effect. Alternating lighter sapwoods with darker heartwood, the Crest panel is a versatile option that can enhance any interior.

It is designed along elegant lines that manage to shun formality for a clean, bright look. The tiles are kite-shaped, which gives them a slightly retro feel, adding just a touch of nostalgia for those that remember the seventies.

Beautiful and oozing with class, Crest tiles will be the talking point of any room.

Notes Wood Wall Paneling

Notes is a tile that lets the natural beauty of American walnut shine. Crafted using wood sourced in Slovakia, this is a tile that is confident without being overstated.

The purple hues of the wood and the masonry-like design of the tiles combine to make a visual experience that is beautiful and almost rhythmic in its appearance. It utilises the colours present in American walnut to their fullest extent.

Notes is the perfect symphony of nature and design.

The Olive Wood Collection

Crafted using Italian olive wood from pruned or century-old trees that no longer provide a harvest, our olive wood range plays to the strengths of this glorious hardwood.

Grainy with dark streaks and hints of pink against its creamy brown colour, the almost marble-like appearance of olive wood has inspired us to create designs worthy of the medium.

The core of the trunk is where the wood is creamiest in appearance and darkens with age. It is this choice cut that is at the heart of our olive wood tiles.

Wave Panels

This is crafted using a blend of the creamy core of olive trees and the outer branches. The effect is a stunning fusion of geometric perfection and an almost liquid aesthetic.

The effects work with each other to create a marble-like mosaic that displays a sophisticated palette of pink hues, which infuse the beautiful flowing grains of the wood.

Subtle but not understated, this panel will enhance any room.

The Teak Wood Paneling Collection

All our teak wood is reclaimed and sourced from Indonesia. One of the most popular of all tropical hardwoods, our teak collection lets the beauty of the wood do the talking.

The teak we reclaim is varied in character, coming in various states of erosion. Some of it is heavily weathered and stained with the character of age; some of it is almost pristine. This shows in the nature of the wood, which ranges from displaying a deep flame grain to more organic and mellow with erratic water markings.

Our teak collection is 100% sustainably sourced and is a mix of reclaimed wood from derelict houses and as root-wood from plantations.

Silver Wall Panels

Our Silver wall panels take inspiration from everything we love. Art, nature, sculpture and natural materials fuse in a re-imagining of the art-deco classics.

Hand-carved designs inspired by nature enhance the natural beauty of the reclaimed teak to create panels that will work beautifully in any space.

The clean lines of the panels add a touch of contrast that provides texture and depth, giving the overall aesthetic a certain confidence and solidity.

Miles Panels

This is another panel that can trace its inspiration to art deco roots. A geometric delight of sharp lines that displays the beauty of the wood to its very best, this stunning tile demands prominence.

The design is such that the panels work fantastically well when placed vertically, producing an effect that will happily grace any wall.

The teak used in the Miles panel is all sourced from derelict houses.

Phoenix Wall Tiles

Quirkiness, imagination, fun, and beauty all merge in our Phoenix wall tiles.

These blend a mix of patterns and organic designs that take inspiration from the furniture grade hardwoods that the tiles are crafted from. The tiles are made from the highest grade reclaimed teak and are embellished with patterned carvings.

This avant-garde tile displays the beauty of teak to its maximum by bringing together natural grain effects and stunning carvings.

Jazz Wall Paneling

We all need a little jazz in our life.

Bright and lively, with hints of movement, this panel brings the glory days of jazz and speakeasies into the 21st century.

Triangles, shadows, straight lines and apexes, all give this panel a natural rhythm that does justice to its name. Made from recycled teak, the character of the wood adds a beautiful backbeat that will add excitement and freshness to any wall.

Willow Wall Tiles

For the Willow tile, we took our inspiration from the orient.

The Willow wall tile uses the natural beauty of teak root wood to create a stunning contemporary design that uses sharp lines and geometrical shapes to create a look that is quirky and rhythmic.

The lighter natural colouring of the root wood gives Willow the serene and tranquil quality of a Japanese garden. Whilst the bold yet subtle design plays with hints of fluidity and movement that enhance the face-grain cut of the wood.

Cameo Wall Tiles

Cameo tiles use the water markings and ring-like grains inherent in teak root wood to create an eye-catching design that is exciting and dynamic.

The Cameo tile’s elongated hexagonal shape adds to the effect. Almost reptilian in appearance, the organic markings of this tile brings walls to life in a stunningly beautiful way.

This tile is worthy of more than just a Cameo appearance.

Jungle Wall Tiles

Created from end-grain cut teak root wood, the jungle tile produces a stunning pixelated effect that adds extra dimensions to the look of any wall.

Using only premium and selected teak wood, the Jungle tile is modern with an almost masonry appearance. With a liquid grain texture and the natural character of the teak root wood, this wall tile is the perfect wall tile in any situation.

Jungle blends nature and geometry to produce an exceptional tile that oozes depth and character.

Coast Wall Tiles

You can almost hear the surf pounding with our coast tile.

Seashells and water swirls spring to mind when you gaze at this classic tile. The tiles are manufactured from root wood that Mother Nature has worked her magic on, with the beautiful watermarks enhancing the coastal feel of the tile.

The result is a stunningly beautiful wall that will enrapture anyone that sees it. The Coast tile is a modern classic that would grace any situation.

The Mixed Salvage Collection

At Think, we believe in second chances.

Our mixed salvage collection takes the unfortunate wooden misfits that cabinetmakers and sawmills reject because of imperfections and turns them into things of great beauty.

A bit like the tale of the ugly duckling, we believe that there is a beauty hidden behind the scars and cracks just waiting to be uncovered. Where others see only imperfections, we see the potential to make something very special.

Whether it is rejected wood, disused telegraph poles, abandoned houses, or railroad sleepers, at Think, our craftspeople love those ugly ducklings.

Jagger Wall Panels

Jagger is crafted from vintage railway sleepers sourced in India. This exotic heritage is almost fused into the wood, glamorous and seductive; the Jagger wall panel has a tale to tell.

The thunder of locomotives with boilers ablaze and sparks flying into a warm night sky seems to reincarnate itself in the intense warmth and richness of the panel. A rhythm of a bygone age has seeped into the grain of this stylish classic, giving it a vibrancy and a unique character that can enliven any room.

Wheels Wall Paneling

Wheels is one of our signature panels, and the ethos behind its creation is what our Wonderwall collection is all about.

This stunning panel is crafted from weathered wood sourced from the traditional building in Indonesia. Warm and textured and shaped by nature, this wallcovering turns the scars of time into something visually stunning.

A good craftsperson knows when to let nature do the talking, and this blend of craft and natural processes is why this is one of our signature pieces.

Parker Wall Panels

Think Morse Code, think the harshness of digital smoothed with a little analogue and you will realise what we were aiming for with this long and slender tile.

Elegant and warming, with horizontal lines that bring texture and depth, the Parker tile turns disused wood into a wall of stunning beauty. Natural variations of hues and grain add contrast and variety.

Parker tiles can be placed either horizontally or vertically, whichever you choose; these versatile panels will grace any wall.

Barrow Wall Panels

The deep red and dark tones of reclaimed Indonesian hardwood are highlighted in the vertical design of the Barrow panel.

For the Barrow panel, we took inspiration from the classic panelling of the sixties and seventies and gave it a 21st-century makeover. Modern and stylish, the sleek lines of this panel highlight the beauty of the wood.

Vertical lines give this modern classic a depth of appearance and texture that make this wall covering irresistible to the touch.

Gallon Wood Wall Paneling

Big and bold, but not brash. The Gallon wall panel is a heavyweight with a feather touch; it is another of our signature hardwood range.

Crafted using Indonesian live-edge teak, suar, and bengkirai reclaimed wood. Gallon tiles are a scaled-up panel for those wanting to make an impact.

Natural erosion and blemishes in the wood are tuned by our craftspeople to enhance the natural beauty of the materials. The result is a wall panel that oozes character and confidence.

Days Wall Paneling

Days brings a feel of the sculptural into any room. Think sculpture deconstructed where the panel is both the medium and the subject, and you begin to get the idea of where this panel is going.

Fantastic for smaller rooms, the craftspeople that created this masterpiece have produced an artisan design that is art in its own right.

Eye-catching and entrancing, the Days tile brings walls to life with a uniqueness that only natural woods can produce.

Train Wall Panels

Informal and beguiling, the open structure of our Train panel adds another dimension to our Wonderwall collection.

The wood used is chosen for the natural erosion and weathering it has been exposed to. This natural beauty balances against the designed openness of the framework to create a counterpoint that adds layers of depth to any wall.

Perfect for feature walls or as a feature in its own right, the Train panel is one of our most versatile offerings.

Ludlow Wall Panels

Ludlow is the choice for those wanting to enhance outdoor walls.

Think Parker tiles with a raincoat, and you get the idea. For Ludlow, we use reclaimed Kalimantan hardwoods; these are man enough to survive even the harshest weather.

The natural weathering of the wood means as soon as they are installed, they instantly look like they were meant to be there. Even outdoor walls deserve some love, and our Ludlow tile does just that.

Mercury Wall Panels

For those that like a lighter feel, the Mercury panel is the perfect option.

It is the lightest colour in the entire range thanks to its selective blend of new hardwoods. The wood for this range is sourced from supplies of surplus teak from within regional industries, mostly sapwood.

The resulting panel is light and refreshing, yet still rich and vibrant, with the subtle hues of fresh wood giving a modern and textured feel.

Enjoy The Beauty Of Wood

We are as proud of the craftsmanship and beauty of our Wonderwall wood wall paneling range as we are of the philosophy of sustainability that is at the core of each design.

We love the fact that we take something old and make something not just new but beautiful and new. This premise is what we at Think are all about, and this is reflected in every panel that we craft.

We love wood, and our vision is to use it to add beauty to interiors across the world. At Think, we don’t create for the short-term; we want something to be beautiful for a lifetime. The premium quality of our materials and the skill of the craftspeople that create them means we have achieved just this.

Contact us today for more information about our Wonderwall Studios range.


We go to great lengths to ensure that our wood paneling range takes sustainability to the next level. Our wood is sourced from a variety of sources, but we particularly love wood that has plenty of character for that extra WoW factor.

We seek out aged wood from a variety of sources – oak from peat bogs, railway sleepers, naturally fallen trees, ancient olive wood, and even wood from derelict buildings. We believe that with age comes character and our craftspeople love to transform old wood into stunning wall panels that will grace any wall or space.

What wood do you use for wall panelling?

We go to great lengths to ensure that our wood panelling range takes sustainability to the next level. Our wood is sourced from a variety of sources, but we particularly love wood that has plenty of character for that extra WoW factor.

We seek out aged wood from a variety of sources – oak from peat bogs, railway sleepers, naturally fallen trees, ancient olive wood, and even wood from derelict buildings. We believe that with age comes character and our craftspeople love to transform old wood into stunning wall panels that will grace any wall or space.

Does wood panelling make a room look smaller?

Not necessarily – Depending on the wood panels used, wood panelling can make a room look smaller, larger, or even not affect the size perspective at all.

As a rule of thumb, darker panels will make a room look smaller, although this can be used as an effective technique for bringing a cosy and warm feel to wide-open rooms. If you need to “open” a room out, then lighter panels such as our Blades Wall Panel can transform dark spaces into a bright and vibrant environment.

Is wood panelling real wood?

Yes, we use real wood from sustainable sources in all our wood panelling. We love the character that aged wood adds to our panels, so much of the wood we use has had a “previous life.” This means that the wood panels that grace your wall may have spent decades supporting trains thundering through the night or as floorboards in grand houses.

If walls could talk, our wood panels would have tales to tell!

What are the advantages of panelling?

Our panels bring more than stunning looks to your property, which is already a huge benefit! But besides the great looks, they also add – sound and thermal sound insulation. They are incredibly durable, versatile, and easy to install.

Not only does wood paneling do all this, but thanks to the fact that it adds value to properties, it is an incredibly cost-effective way to add stunning detail to bland walls.

Can you have panelling on one wall?

One of the great benefits of our wood wall panel range is its sheer versatility. Our wood panels can be used to bring one wall to life as a feature wall or can be used to panel an entire room.

There are endless possibilities for our range of wooden wall panels. Alcoves, reception desks & bars, ceilings, entire rooms, or just a single wall can all be quickly transformed into stunning talking points with wood panelling.

Does Wall Panelling add value?

Wall paneling can definitely add value to your property. However, quality matters. Not all wall panelling is equal, and poor-quality paneling may well have the opposite effect.

Our entire range of wooden wall panels has quality right down to the very grain of the wood. Superlative craftsmanship, design excellence, and the best possible materials are all guaranteed throughout our range. This excellence will always have a positive effect on property value.

Where is panelling used?

Wood panels can be used on any flat surface that needs a makeover! Wood paneling is easy to install, so it can be quickly used to:

  • Transform entire rooms
  • Bring one wall to life as a stunning feature wall
  • Ceilings
  • Reception desks
  • Bars
  • Alcoves

With wood panelling, the only limitation is your imagination! Our entire range is amazingly versatile and brings life and character to any suitable flat surface.