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Stunning Surface Finishes that Combine
Innovation and Design Excellence

At Think we love innovation, and when that innovation is combined with meticulous and beautiful design, the result is a range of products guaranteed to make your customers go WOW.

Our Architectural Design Films come in a massive range of eye-catching and elegant designs, which includes self-adhesive films, design films, and decorative films.

Incredibly versatile, these films are designed for the modern interior, so whether you are looking for marble or brick, solid colours or subtle woods, cement or stone, our range of design films has it covered!

Why Choose Architectural Design Films?

We could just say because they look absolutely fantastic and leave it at that! But that doesn’t do Architectural Design Films the justice they deserve.
Rather than being just a pretty face (and they are!), they are also:

Simple to use and versatile

Simple to use and versatile

Bland spaces are easily transformed with fast and easy installation with an absolute minimum of fuss and disruption. They are also suitable for use in an almost limitless range of scenarios and surfaces, including:

  • Walls
  • Furnishings
  • Doors

At Think, our range of films has a solution for every commercial and residential project. Our high-performance design films offer practical solutions for the hospitality, healthcare, and retail sectors. Also, offices, educational establishments, housing…
In fact, if there is a surface, we have the perfect solution.

Beauty, style, and elegance - without the cost

Beauty, style, and elegance – without the cost

Instant and cost-effective transformations are possible with Architectural Design Films. Because of their ease of installation and super-quick implementation time, this is one of the most cost- effective methods of giving any space the WOW factor.

Beauty isn't just skin deep

Beauty isn’t just skin deep

Forget the plastic films of old, that looked reasonable and felt – well, they felt plasticky! Our range of Architectural Design Films is designed to feel good too! The textured finish on our range of films is designed to mimic the feel of the real thing.

Built to last

Built to last

Not only are our design films ultra-realistic imitations of stone, wood, fabric, and other natural surfaces, but they also have durability designed at every stage. To achieve a finish that is beautiful, tactile and hard-wearing, our Architectural Design Film range uses four layers:

  • Release paper
  • Adhesive layer
  • Printed layer
  • Embossed protective layer

This layering includes a high-performance and durable layer of adhesive for easy installation and an embossed layer that makes your surface feel as good as it looks.

Architectural Design Films – The Facts

The entire range of films has been developed with one goal – To make giving any surface the WOW factor as easy as pie!

Suitable for most surfaces

Flat or even slightly curved indoor surfaces are all suitable for an Architectural Design Film makeover, and suitable finishes include materials such as:

  • MDF and Plywood
  • Solid Wood
  • Plastics and Metals
  • Most Lacquered Surfaces


Implementation of a film design solution could not be easier thanks to its high-quality and durable adhesive layer. This is at the heart of what makes our range of design films so simple to use and long-lasting.


Our films are designed to conform easily with irregular surfaces and slight curves. This gives them fantastic application characteristics for fast installation.


At Think, we don’t cut corners when it comes to the environment. Like all our products, our design film range is designed to be as green as possible. As well as being a durable and long-lasting product, our range of films is free from harmful heavy metals like lead, mercury, and chromium, to name a few.


We take safety very seriously. The entire range of architectural design films is designed with safety in mind:

  • KF Mark Standard – Design films comply with the KF MarkStandard which applies to wallpapers and plasters.
  • Hazardous Chemicals – The design films all comply with the safety requirements for hazardous chemicals listed in the common safety standards for children’s products.
  • Anti-mould and Anti-bacterial – Our range of design films has excellent anti-mould and anti-bacterial properties.

A Surface for all Occasions

Convert dull furniture and surfaces into something brash and beautiful or subtle and serene. The choice is yours! And with little or no downtime, offices can be transformed with none of the usual fuss.


Give your guests the experience they deserve by easily transforming hotel rooms into something unique and beguiling without the cost of expensive renovations or refurnishing.

Hotel Rooms

Avoiding downtime is everything in the retail industry. With super fast installation and limited or no downtime, transforming your retail outlet with our range of films can produce stunning results that save 60% to 70% over the costs of traditional renovations.


Bring the outdoors in and give your patrons an oasis of calm to enjoy their beverage with natural-looking stone and marble finishes.

Cafés and Coffee Shops

Revitalising kitchen surfaces has never been easier than with our range of hard-wearing films.


Showcase your products at their very best with minimal downtime and disruption.


We hate to keep banging on about how versatile our Architectural Design Films are – But we can’t help it! From walls to doors, tables to chairs, alcoves to reception desks, our range makes creating the perfect look easy!

Furniture and Everyday Surfaces

Give your eyes a treat – View our range of stunning design films

Concrete & Cement


Solid Colours

Marble & Stone



Whether you are looking for something vibrant and bold or understated and elegant, you will find the perfect look in our range of Architectural Design Films.

Why not contact us today and find out more about how easy it is to transform surfaces and spaces with our range of design films.

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